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Re: One year on …

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@hmb74 28226 wrote:

I had my last appointment at St Richards yesterday.

Total loss so far: 9st 7lbs
Current weight: 19 st 10 lbs

That’s approx 50 % of the original excess GONE FOR GOOD.

It’s less than average for bypass but you know what? I’m still happy.

Have decided to book in with my GP once a month for the next year, just to keep me on my toes and pushing forwards.

I’ve booked a slot in this year’s race for life: May 26th in Guildford. My feet are playing up a bit (plantar fasciitis) but i’m still doing some non impact cardio at the gym to keep some form of training going. This year the goal is just to finish … If the feet behave and let me cross the start line, lol.

Finally have a job too. It’s only 10 hrs per week but it is a start. It’s with an NHS primary care out of hours service based in Bracknell. I’ve been training for a month. Hopefully my regular hours will start soon xx

I’m absolutely thrilled for you, I honestly am. Almost ten stones lost in a year? That’s pretty darned good going actually! think about it – TEN STONE!!!! That’s an average grown up human being! It’s a magnificent achievement, especially as you have mobility problems. I want you to give yourself a flippin good pat on the back. Your friends and family must be so proud of you.

I too know the joy of being able to work again. It’s only part time too but what a difference it makes to your self-esteem. I’m so pleased for you. This is just the beginning – trust me 😉

Doodah x

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