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Re: One year on

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@janie61 28984 wrote:

I thought it was about time i contributed to this forum, i have not been on here for some time but i have to tell you that i log on to this site every day and read all the new posts.
This forum helps keep me focused and motivated to carry on day by day. Yes I like everyone else on here have an abnormal relationship with food but just by coming on her each day helps me to deal with this.
I had my operation on the 14th june 2012, so i am just over the one year mark. I had the gastric bypass with guy slater. (amazing man, who has given me back my life.) Funny thing is i didn’t really realise what i was missing until now. I have lost seven stone and nine pounds and my BMI is now 26. I saw Guy at my one year appointment and he and Denise are both please with my progress. I have just come back from a fourteen day cruise around portugal and the Canaries, i did the same cruise last year at my biggest weight i was tired and slow and quite honestly just wanted to either sit,eat or sleep. I would never get undressed, wear a swimsuit or do anything to draw attention to myself. My poor husband, what he has been putting up with all these years. Anyway, this year i have a whole new wardrobe of clothes, i have had loads of energy,i have been swimming, been on a camel ride and i got to sit on the right of the camel which is where the lightest person gets to sit,, ( YES ME) Sledged down the streets of Madeira and the biggest change of all, i volunteered to be a captain of our team in front of loads of people and it was televised (honestly my hand just popped up of its own accord, i couldn’t believe it myself lol).
Anyway all i can say is that my bypass is the best thing that i have done for myself and i don’t regret one minute, i honestly thought at the time of the operation that if i died on the table it wouldn’t matter and at least my husband could find someone to go travelling with and generally have more fun with ( which is why i wasn’t really scared) but that if i survived then life would change for the better. I also felt very safe in Guy’s capable hands.
Well sorry for rambling but i would like to thank everyone on here and would just like to say keep posting your thoughts and comments they are very important to me and i am sure to others as well.
Janie xx

Hi Janie

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing this with us all. I have to admit to having a huge gulp when I read it. What a truly inspiring post. I simply couldn’t be happier for you.

Guy Slater (yes, he is a wonderful man) is one of the nicest most sincere people you will ever meet who also happens to be a brilliant surgeon! You have worked hard with the tool he gave you and are now living your dreams. Life doesn’t get any better does it?

Congratulations indeed. thanks (again!) for allowing us to share your new, happier and healthier life story.

Doodah x

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