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Re: One week to go

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@ali’smum 28769 wrote:

Thanks Doodah. Have now actually lost 1 stone on the milk diet – hooray!!!! Am baking biscuits for the WI stall and just picked up the bags of flour and sugar and realised how heavy they are which has really brought home to me how much I have lost already. Feel good that I can still bake and cook for Peter and it doesn’t worry me at all. My appetite has disappeared.


It’s such a revelation isn’t it when you realise how much a bag of flour weighs and that you have been carrying round many, many bags. Aren’t our bodied just phenomenal?

I make rock cakes and other goodies for my family that I will never eat and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest either. I’m also veggie but still have to make meat foods for my family – that bothers me more in truth. I Cannot touch or see pork. Pigs are so similar in DNA to us that diabetic insulin is made from them. That thought, combined with the fact that they are far superior in intelligence to dogs made me stop eating pork about 30 years ago. I can’t bring myself to eat something that is more intelligent than my dog and so similar to be in genetic make up – feels like cannibalism! Also, my Dad was a firefighter in the RAF and said that burning human flesh smells exactly like roasting pork…GAG!!

Anyway, I digress (you all know what I’m like!) losing a stone on the pre op diet is utterly fantastic. Well done you. Pick up stone of flour to see how it feels….heavy right?! If you do the same with butter it’s really gross as it is an even better representation.

Keep up with the countdown – it really is just round the corner now 🙂

Doodah x

ps I’m not a vegetarian zealot and would never dream of trying to convert anyone. I gave up pork all those years ago for personal reasons and I have not eaten fish since I was 5 due to allergies. I have only been a full vegetarian since 2009.

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