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Re: On my way no turning back now

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Day 4 of milk diet. Will be ok when I get past day 7. Am doing it for 3 weeks instead of 2 as want to be really sure liver is ok for op. did it for five weeks during pre-op assessment so this should be easier. Believe it or not my coping strategy is baking it keeps mt hands busy and I don’t have a sweet tooth. Have found all the pots and comments so encouraging can’t believe I am on the verge of something so major in my 50th year. Would be interested to know how long people have taken to get back to work. I am under pressure getting everything sorted before I go off as my job is unique to my organisation and feel I am really leaving my two teams to muddle through. Have to keep thinking I need to be selfish and think about myself. Have never been off for more than Two weeks holiday at a time and 3 months each time when I had my girls all those years go. Managing two 24 hr services split on two sites and on call 24/7 has taken its toll. Time for a rethink on priorities I think!

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