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@lisac2012 27148 wrote:

Well now awaiting a new date from st Richards I called this week and they have no idea on timescales etc…I am trying sooo hard to be happy and positive bout it but i feel like its all gonna go wrong. Been feeling pretty rubbish to be honest still no I’m not 100% well in myself I feel lonely n my grandad passed away new yrs eve my family in bits…something good is due surely? Sorry for rant. I’m thankful for what I do have xx

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Firstly, I’m so sorry for your loss Lisa. What a terrible time to lose someone so close (not that there’s ever a better time.)

Secondly, never, ever feel you have to apologise for ranting – it’s what this place is for!

Keep phoning St Richard’s as they too will have had their schedules interupted by Christmas and the new year holidays. I hope with all my heart that they can come up with a date asap. You are never alone. We all care about you and are here to offer support, freindship and shoulder to cry on.

The new year is meant to be a time for optimism and hope but for some, it’s just another month with a different number after it. It’s hard not to feel down after the death of a loved one so allow yourself to be miserable. I lost two very dear uncles last year and felt pretty low for ages (almost lost my Dad too) so I just thought, you know what, it IS sad and I AM unhappy. People almost always cut you some slack if you share your worries and concerns.

I so hope that 2013 takes an upturn for you Lisa. Huge hugs to you xx

Doodah x

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