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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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@830830 31891 wrote:

Hi Kimberly!
You are DEFFINATELY on the right track, it is all a step nearer to reclaiming your healthier life!
You have taken such huge steps!
Today I joined a little ladies gym Down the road from me.
I walked for 15 mins to get there which suited me as I like walking.
I joined up and did my circuit training induction and walked home.
I had a late lunch then I started to feel awful and a bit sicky. So now I’m sitting in my easy chair with a quilt over me.
Why oh why does this happen when it’s all going so well??
I’m feeling a bit better now but I’m tired after that.
Have a fabulous wkend.
Julie xxx

Hi Julie

Fab news at joining the gym. I think I can guess why you felt a bit queasy afterwards – it took enormous courage and determination to join that gym! That could have taken SO much out of you. We often forget that emotional stress can have just as much effect on us as the physical kind.

You have quite literally taken the first steps so any more you do after this will become easier and more pleasurable. I almost became addicted to going to the gym at one point. Not for boosting my weight loss so much as the natural ‘high’ I got afterwards. It was always such a sense of achievement. I hope you feel the same too.

I don’t go anymore as finances dictate otherwise but I still enjoy using my gym standard exercise bike listening to ‘Prodigy’ lol! When I first started, I need a walking stick to get me to and from each piece of equipment – and even to the pool and back.

You have made a gigantic stride forwards Julie. How fantastic is that?! Allow yourself a little time to take it all in: then get stuck in. You will reap the benefits in no time at all. I know what a determined little thing you are so I can see you doing ‘Race for Life’ or something similar soon!! 😉

Doodah x

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