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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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Hi Doodah!
I feel stronger for eating as much protein as I can, tired days are less and less at the moment.
I’m having a little weight loss stall at the moment- I guess my body is still wondering what is going on!
I feel marvellous with no regrets whatsoever!!
I am eating really healthily and I feel well nourished. I’m not missing any foods really..
Zumba was an experience- a right giggle!! – I’ll stick to bums n tums thank you!!!
The walking makes me feel alive- I never feel that I’m wasting my time- even though there are heaps of stuff I should be doing- but I’m a bit slow with everything that I do at the moment and I accept that that’s the way it is just now!
I’m so glad we are having sunshine to me it makes all the difference to how I feel.
Susan my bestie has been to the meeting as has Karan my other bestie, so no new faces here.
They are so pleased for me that I have found something that I believe and trust in so much.
They have watched my weight struggles for 20-30 years.
Having them come to the meetings really supports me and they learn what it’s like living with a gastric bypass, and things that are difficult ie certain foods to eat and timings.
They really enjoy coming and sitting with such lovely people!
We will be there- hope the Easter traffic is not too bad on the way to Portsmouth.
Julie xxxx

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