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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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Hi Doodah!
You are right- the natural high after the gym is good!
You feel that you have achieved something!
This gym is so close by, and very cheep.
I am amazed at how determined YOU were to go to the gym, you truly are an amazing lady Sue!!
You reached your goal with perseverance.
Tonight I did Zumba – it was a bit of a laugh , did not know the steps/ direction and all of that!
A bit energetic for me at 6pm on a Monday eve- I think I’m a bit more traditionalist when it comes to exercise classes!
I’ll try their bums/ tums class next- meanwhile they have this circuit of machines to use .
I’m doing well with the protein- but setting a daily protein total makes me eat more, even though I don’t really want it!
I hope I’m doing the right thing.
I’m using peanut butter powder, spirilina powder sometimes, protein soy powder, nuts and that protein bread you mentioned, at 10g per slice, iv been having a spinach/advocado/ humous/ nuts/ protein powder home made smoothie for lunch last week.
For breakfast with the oats so simple, nuts, protein powder, I can get about 18g of protein in my rankin dish. A good start for the day.!
I am looking forward to the meeting on Thursday. Karan and Susan will come too with me if that’s ok.
I hope you are doing ok and settling into your new home.
Julie xx

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