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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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Hi Doodah!
It is such a lot for our heads to get round- eating and food shopping differently, taking more exercise, joining a gym, and accepting that we have every right to be there…
I really want to join the gym but making that commitment to myself is very hard. I am very hard on myself, I guess.
I do enjoy it too!
I’m still looking for ideas to increase my protein daily intake, I had 25g sunflower/ pumpkin seeds today- 6g protein it gave me- and tomorrow I will try some nuts, I’ll start with cashews. I hope it won’t make me constipated! This is how my brain works!
Kim mentioned some peanut powder to stir in, where would I get that from? I like the sound of that because the name of the game isn’t bulk eating to achieve the daily protein totals, but clever hidden, non bulky ways of getting the protein down us, isn’t it? I don’t need to eat a lot- I think I want to eat a lot, I am certainly eating a lot less and feel satisfied with that for sure, but it is still very confusing- early days I guess!
I work at it every day keeping on track and maximising what I can do energy permitting. My energy has been ok since eating a bit more.
Now I hope it’s not too much!
I have 2 snacks a day which is hard to do. I don’t feel hungry enough really but I try something different all the time.
I’ve got a wardrobe full of all sizes from over the years, so I can find something to workout in!
I just sold a lot of clothes on EBay , which I am very pleased about- I’m saving up for new clothes a bit further down the line.
Now I have space in my wardrobe!
This week I have been trying out Carols recipes when I can- it felt good go do a normal food shop with some veggies in the fridge. I felt normal again , cooking almost normally.!
I feel that I have taken the reigns of experimenting with foods to eat now, it makes me happy. I think I know what I am doing and I certainly know why I’m doing it!
Time will tell…
I figured that if it gives wrong and gives the wrong result- I will stop and review what I have been eating and tweek it.
It’s all I can do.
40lb off since February, I’m happy with that, and I’m wearing clothes that I could not wear last year cos they did not fit.
Well that’s my update, and thank you for your support.
Julie xx

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