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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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@clairec 32028 wrote:

Well I seem to be losing again which is great and I have now lost slightly over 50 pounds in just under 12 weeks (just over 3 1/2 stone). More to the point my body shape has changed quite a bit and even I can see that I have lost. I have still got a really long way to go but I am really pleased that it is starting to happen. I also got my 7 stone award ( so I have now lost over 100 pounds in total) at my Slimming World group on Wednesday. I had lost some weight already before the surgery and the reason I decided to go forward with the surgery was because I was told that I wasn’t burning calories like other people do and I would put it all on again.. plus more.

I do still have a couple of dodgy days a week and the greatest problem is that I can’t predict when they will be, or even know that they are here until I eat something. I can’t really cope with eating on those days (but I do not throw up which is a huge bonus because I really HATE that) and I often have diarrhoea and feel really tired. However, that is pretty good in comparison with some people so I feel really lucky. I do not seem to dump, again in comparison with what I have been told, although things have got stuck and I have felt unwell after eating occasionally. I can seem to eat a wide range of foods, but not all of them will work on an every day basis. So really things are as good as they can be and the weight is coming off so I am pleased.

I just wanted to post something that might be reassuring but realistic to people who are making the decision to have surgery because I know that I found posts on here really helpful. If I had known how I would be doing at this stage before the surgery I would have been so pleased and much less worried. I know that not everyone worries beforehand but for me this was a positive thing because I think that I was thinking of the worst case scenario beforehand and have therefore been able to see everything in a positive light ever since. I did not have any obvious health problems before my surgery so I can’t say that I feel better in any way, though most people really do. So overall I suppose I can see less change in my day to day lives than most people, but it is starting to happen in terms of changing shape and losing weight.

My advice to people who have my way of thinking who are making the life changing decision to have wls would be prepare yourself thoroughly for what is ahead. I found that reading books, speaking to people and joining forums all gave me really useful information about people’s experiences. I was very aware that I wouldn’t experience all of these things but I felt as if I was making the decision knowing that they could happen then I was making the decision to go ahead knowing that any of them could happen to me. That made it possible to just tick off the positives on a day by day basis. My post op recovery was brilliant, no real pain and no sickness and I was up and about a few hours after my operation. I have taken it slowly in terms of introducing new foods and have always focused on having things that are as high in protein as possible. I keep a record so that I can see how my protein and calorie levels are on a daily basis. That is reassuring because I can see that the trend is where it should be, but I am not fanatical about it being absolutely ideal every day because on my more difficult days this is not possible. I have allowed myself some treats occasionally and I have also kept my social life up throughout. These things have been important to me. I have also found attending the group and sharing and responding to things on the forum really helpful and I have gained so much from other people.

I know that this would not be everyone’s approach though, but it has all helped me. We are all so different.
Good luck if you are making the decision to have surgery now, you are joining a great group of people and Streamline Surgical is a great place to be.

Take care

wow 3 and Half stone that’s amazing Claire , I really admire you because I know you have rough days but you have such a positive attitude and also lovely sparkly rings xx

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