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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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@830830 31856 wrote:

Morning Kimberly!
You are a star you have worked so hard to get to this point!
You have taken the next step in that you now really trust your surgery and don’t care about the dictatorship of the scales which so often arnt on our side!
I’m still weighing and I hope after a certain point and I have a point in mind- that I will follow you there .
Exercise wise I like low impact , bums- tums, aquaaerobics, circuit training, anything to music.
To be truthful I’m scared of making the gym commitment, I might fail and not do what I want to do .
It is a ladies gym quite small/friendly and reasonable. No pool but within walking distance weather permitting.
It could be a bit of a laugh!
Sometimes my daily stuff gets me down and I feel I should be dealing with all of that instead of going to the gym.
What am I like?
I’m into my walking though.
I’m finding it hard to meet the protein target each day- so I went through my what will I eat list- being strict vegan now, and wrote a list of protein values per serving on everything that I would potentially eat.
I still feel I will fall short. I’m using a little soya protein powder. It boosts it to 40g with a little soya milk.
I will try and cut that down if my list system helps me reach a better protein total!
Hay ho, the things we do!!
Keep up the fab work Kimberly, I’m delighted for you!
Julie xxxx

good morning my lovely it sounds like we like the same things with music . Shame we don’t live closer we could,have done some clases together . I’m scared of the gym when I went for a private half hour with the cardiac trainer I was lightheaded and a bit dizzy it scared me . But I changed gym told the man who screened me how scared I was and he said he stay with me first time once my GP gives a letter saying my heart ok . I told him I thought gym were for healthy slim people , he said most of the healthy people are on the streets running cycling sailing ect . Made me think . I finding it hard to get the protein in and I eat meat . But to be honest it’s difficult to digest and I’m finding vegetarian food easier . I’m stuck on cauliflower cheese, mac and cheese . Then I was thinking that cheese sauce is too of fatty and not good eating habits . If you eat nut three times a day would that help and what about that peanut powder could you add that to drinks or yogurts . Had the dietion come up with helpful advice as they are the experts ! .
And as for the daily stuff my lovely looking after our self is the most important thing we have to do at this moment in time . The rest can wait but we are the priority , I know we find this difficult . I’m trying to see it like taking antibiotics you know you got to keep taking them to the end of the course or they don’t work so well and you build up resistance . We haven’t finished yet we still got lots to do xxxx

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