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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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@Kimberly 32103 wrote:

Well how funny just got on the scales and I lost 5 stone in 5 month and 1 week . I have been poorly I picked up a stomach bug with D from the hospital . Certainly it’s been stressful since the beginning of march . I had about three weeks were I haven’t had phone call at 5 in the. Morning with ambulance taking either my old mum or her partner into hospital .. Twice we had the talk about what intervention and their wishes . I would like to say most of the time. I coped very well with the spanners grown at me , but not every time , . It’s hard when your stressed worried to leave them in case they die . Your tired worried upset and also very hungry . . But I’m a big girl ( not so big now lol) and I have to face up that I slipped . Note to self have an emergency food in car water , rice cakes . Snack pots , nuts . That food monster snuck up behind me and hit me but he hasn’t got me in his grips and I shaken him free . Also I’m not going to feel guilty about it because that food monster would love that it gives him even more power. I haven’t been able to go to aqua for two weeks just too tired from the emotional roller coaster .which is a warning sign . This journey for me is about being healthy both physically and emotionally . Putting my self first something I haven’t done for decades so tomorrow I will go to aqua and again on Friday because I enjoy it and I need to make me a priority , I’m still only 5 month post bypass

Good for you Kim. By ‘allowing’ yourself some ‘ME’ time, you will be of more use to your loved ones. I have learned that very well this past three years. The days and months spent in hospital looking after others has shown me that to be as useful as poss to those I love, I have to put myself first sometimes. Even if that simply means leaving the hospital a few hours earlier to come home and have a nice big bubble bath then go to bed.

I truly believe that if we allow ourselves to get too overwhelmed under stressed that we will begin not only to loathe ourselves but the people we are so desperate to care for. 100% counter-productive. The last thing we need to feel is that we are being hard done by when all we re doing is our best for everyone. Stress screws up the way we think and react. By being as prepared as you are and allowing yourself some pleasant down time, you will be able to care for your loved ones even better.

Doodah x

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