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Re: Not lost weight for two weeks but I’m so happy

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Julie, you are such a little ray of sunshine in a sometimes cloudy world.

It is perfectly normal to have a little crash of energy after the gym or a vigorous walk. I guess our energy levels are a bit like a savings account – the more you take out the less interest you make! The hard bit is keeping the balance stable. Everything in life is about balance isn’t it? I for one find that a hard thing to maintain. I love my work so much that it often gets to the point that I quite literally cannot switch off! It is only after I am forced to not work that I realise all the other things I enjoy in life are of equal importance.

Losing weight is important – being healthy is more important. Some days that might mean resting. Or doing the absolute minimum. It takes time to realise that wls is a long haul journey, not a short one. Think of it like a cruise – a long journey but several new and interesting stops along the way: most of all to be enjoyed and savoured (which requires several time outs!)

We never stop learning.

Doodah x

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