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Re: Not filling in my food diary for one day…

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Hi Squeaky.

So glad you had such a lovley time. I think somtimes we all forget that the main reason we have wls is to give ourselves longer, happier, healthier lives. I’ve just read a post on the Facebook page and it’s more or less saying that if you have a mini ‘blowout’ (it’s just been a Bank Holiday weekend) don’t be hard on yourself as it’s what ‘normal’ people do. That is so true. Normal weight people balance their output and intake without even having to think about it the lucky so and so’s – it comes naturally to them. If they eat or drink more than is recommended one day, they automatically cut back for a the next few days: no drama, guilt, panic or stress. Aren’t they lucky?!!!

We have wls becuase we can’t (for whatever reasons) do that without help. However, the method they use to stay a healthy weight is what i believe we should all adopt. I ate too much on Friday night and felt SO uncomfortable (even 4 years out) so the next day I cut right back. I’m going to be very busy work-wise this week so I know I can be more rigid with my food intake as I won’t have the distraction of a social life haha! On the other side of the coin, I don’t think it’s healthy to obsess about what we eat either. I have never counted calories from day one. I promised myself I would not be a slave to them ever again. I think we all know in our hearts what is a normal portion but the difficulty we have is sticking to it. Wls is our best friend as it makes us do exactly that.

So, what I’m trying to say is, be vigilant but don’t allow food to become an obsession in a different way. Stick to the ‘plan’ but have a contingency one for when we want to be like ‘normal’ people for a day. A wedding is a time to celebrate the beginning of a new life partnership – just like we do every day with our weight loss surgery. It’s a partnership which means we have to work together with our band/bypass/sleeve for the rest of our lives. Neither should totally dominate the other.

Doodah xx

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