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Re: noisy belly

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@Paul-H 27189 wrote:

Hi Sue, You ever had your Old man tested for Sleep Apnoea, I used to snore like a warthog when I had it, and now my weight has gone so has my Apnoea and I am a totally silent sleeper now, so much so that at first the wife used to wake me up because I was so quiet she thought I was dead.

What’s his neck measurement, I was told anyone with neck size 18″ or bigger will almost certainly have Apnoea.


If only it were that simple Paul.

Hubby has had sleep apnoea test (negative) sinus drain, operation on a devaited septum and has tried goodness knows how many other things. Absolutely none of them have worked. He is a bit overweight but not much. Collar 16″. He is of large build (broad shoulders, thick neck, big feet and thighs like a scrum half) but not fat.

If anyone were to come up with an answer you would hear me cheer from Southampton!

Doodah x

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