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Re: No weight loss! Help

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@Anne Heelan 34583 wrote:

I am three and a half weeks in, and the last two weekly weigh ins I have not lost any weight! What an earth am I doing wrong? I am eating the same as I did the first two weeks. I am still on purée. Ready brek for breakfast, small yoghurt mid morning, well balance lunch (140ml), banana afternoon snack, and usually a soup for tea time. Yes, I am a little constipated, but normally only for a few days. Cannot increase any excessive yet, as need to lose some weight first! Struggling a bit with trying to get at least 1.5 litres of fluid down, but am not far off. Have studied my paperwork over and over, am doing everything right! Have read as many threads as I can on the forum. Anybody have any ideas please? I had the sleeve xx

Hi Anne.

I know you must feel disappointed but you have to remember you have had major surgery. It takes quite a while for everything to settle down, heal and start working properly again. At this point in time, your main concern should be hydration and nutrition. I would, however, suggest you phone your team. they won’t mind a bit – it’s what they are there for!

Try not to get stuck on the whole ‘weight loss’ aspect of your surgery so soon. It is VERY early days. Constipation is a flippin nuisance so your team may have a suggestion or two on how to deal with it. Ring them today and let us know how you get on.

Doodah x

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