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Re: No weight loss! Help

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@Anne Heelan 34602 wrote:

Thank you, I think I am doin the same as you, I keep telling myself it’s not working! Will have to stop over thinking! Thank you for the advise. Will report back once I start to loose some weight! Milky drinks sound good, will give them a go! :thumb:

Mmmmmmilky drinks – heaven. If you buy some sugar free syrup to put in it, it’s absolutely delicious. And so comforting.

Have a look through these and choose the ones that appeal to you most…. sugarfree syrup

If you have no contact number, either phone your GP to get it or ask for the Bariatric dept when you get through to the hospital in which you had your surgery.

It’s natural to overthink things at this stage, Anne. Please don’t panic. Everyone else has, at some point, experienced exactly what you are now. It’s why this forum works – we all bring different, similar or the same experiences that we can share. It’s a tough old journey this wls road – but you are NOT alone 🙂

Doodah x

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