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@sharlotte 26709 wrote:

Hi Ladies,

I felt exactly the same, and didn’t feel much restriction after my first fill either! That was 3 weeks ago and I could also eat a horse! I go to bed hungry, wake up hungry and I didn’t loose any weight last week!

They only filled with 2mls which made no difference to the restriction! I’m due to go back on Friday and I’m going to ask for more than 2 mls to be put in!

It is very frustrating, but this band WILL NOT do it for you! You have to work very hard especially hard if your will power is as shocking as mine! Serve and eat small meals and accept that’s it! Hunger is an all day thing with me! Water or a cup of tea helps a little!

Nobody said it was easy!!!

Good Luck!x

Perfect, perfect advice Sharlotte.

THE most important thing is fluids. You must try to keep sipping water all day. Our bodies often confuse thirst and hunger so always try a drink first. I still do it now after four years. If I think I’m feeling a bit peckish and it’s a few hours until a mealtime, I make a pot of tea. It never fails.

It’s so true – no one promised it would be easy. It’s the reason I get so cross with people who say we have taken the easy way out!!

Doodah x

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