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Re: NHS Funding: FAQ

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pompey gal
I am so sorry to hear all the problems your having. This process really needs simplifying and a national proceedure putting in place. I am getting on my high horse about this.
You asked how others got on with applying. I can tell you what happened to me but I am in the Bradford Health Authority.
I want to my GP begining of January and told him I was considering WLS. he said he would support an application for funding on the NHS but wanted me to take a week to talk to my husband and family about it and really consider about going ahead, I did explain Ihad been considering it for 12 months. Two weeks later I returned and said I had made up my mind to go ahead. He then said he would fill in the forms applying for funding and would use my records to answer the questions. he asked me about my weight loss history and that was it. I must say my GP knows me very well.
He could not give me a length of time but around 6 weeks we agreed on.
I was about 7weeks going back, and my approval for funding had actually come through on 17th March, but doc had missed it due to being on holiday. So we went ahead and arranged an appointment to see the specialist on the choose and book scheme in fortnights time . this was the begining of a few problems. It apppears there is special booking process to go through but my doc and I did not know. Anyhow a week before the appointment i got a letter cancelling it but no other date given. Well after a few phone calls I found I had been referred to the DERMATOLOGY DEPT!!!!!!! Anyhow, after a few tears and my GP and staff working hard with the specialists admin staff. We ironed out the glitches and I was seen by Mr Halstead a week later. he approved me for surgery after a talk and examination. I was referred to the dietician/nurse and am now awaiting a date.
So I was fairly straight forward but I knew I met the criteria for my PCT as I have diabetes. asthma, chronic arthritis and BMI of 57.
So, Pompey gal that is just one journey to WLS. I f I can helpyou in anyway please ask.
Lindy Loo

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