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Re: NHS Funding: FAQ

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Hi Pam and welcome.
Armour yourself with as much information as possible, know more than they do and go in all guns ablazing…
Your knock them for six.

Complications, its all a matter of statistics of which 75% are preety useless??
So if you search online its all doom and gloom….200 people a year die from WLS or complications, thats not to mention in excess of 5000 people have it in the UK every year…. Sounds gloomy….. I expect the figure 200 is from worldwide operations and dont actually relate to the surgery itself….
Dont let the figures scare you off, their are tens if not hundreds of thousands living a better life after weight loss surgery, your find a handful on here, because it is quite new….

Some have a hard time with recovery, some get complications but isnt that the same with any surgical procedure…..
Put that in fornt of your GP to consider…… If being prepaired to take a little risk is worth it then why not….
It has to be beneficial if you have stuggled with obesity and looking longterm expect to be diabetic in time…..
Obesity is a slow killer, it wrecks what life you have…..

All you are asking for is a chance to have a tool to help you have a happier healthier future….long term it has to be the right thing…..

So as I said, fill ya boots with information….direct your GP to the Streamline site and ask them to look, I am sure they will see the benefits…. if only they took a little time to understand it…..

Be persistant if you need to be…..

Information is power…..

Go get the power and make an appointment…..

Let us know how we can help….

All the best

Buzz xx ( Andy in Bognor Regis – south coast)

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