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Re: NHS Funding: FAQ

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hiya all im just wondering if theres anyone that can unlighten me about how funding works as im a tad confused at the moment :/
i have been refered to see a dieticain which i have done several times and she has said that she would put me forward for a gastric bypass and also my doctor has also put me forward for this unfortunetley my gp sent a letter to the wrong departmant who deals with this but they said that my application for funding for a gastric band????(even tho should have been bypass) has been rejected now my gp has sent me a letter sayin she has sent letters top the PCT to apply for funding……..i am completley baffled as to what is going on and how can she apply for funding when ive not even seen a surgeon or doctor regarding surgery all ive seen is a gp and dietician now my BMI is 60 and im very uncomfortable like i am and just want help but i feel through fault of others mistakes i could well miss my oppitunity of this operation im seein my dietician next week and im hoping she’ll be able to explain more to me but in the mean time i was wondering if any of u guys had had funding and how it worked for u?? 🙁 xx

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