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Re: NHS Funding: FAQ

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Hi Pompey,
Just been reading through your post and replies and feeling a little awful that things are such a mess… Understanding the process can be a minefield and dreading being turned down at the end of it has to be the worse thing imaginable.

So, where do we go from here, where do we start…
It does not hurt to chase things and progress what is going on, being a little adamant and persistant will show you are keen to get things moving.
Initially I would make an appointment with the GP to progress what has been done so far, as I understand it you get a referal to Streamline and decide from their which operation is more suitable. Ask you GP or dietician to chase the paperwork.

Thing is to plan things, to be more familair with what happens and when, being worked up waiting for mail is like a little torture, you dont need to be doing this to yourself…

Things are going to happen, getting the referal is the key, from then on in it should be pretty plain sailing if you meet the criteria, which it sounds like you will.

Dont ever be down on yourself, most if not all of us have struggled with weight, the emotions, the cruelty, the looks the stares… we understand completly how you feel. If it was as easy as waving a magic wand…I would be waving like a man possessed….
We are our own worst enemies at time and put so much on ourselves when the underlying conditions of why we overeat beat us into submission time and time again..

YOU deserve a better, healthier, happier life…
Just need to help the process on its way b pestering the paperwork trail and being a little persistant…. Demand it if necessary huney….
It sometimes helps taking someone with you to appointments, someone who will stand up for you and take no nonsense…. We are just too quick to be foobed off sometimes… a fat person thing I think…lol.

So GP appoitment. ask to progress the paperwork, ask about Sleep apnea tests if it will progress your application…. if you know where they have applied, their is no harm in checking they have recieved your application…

Funding is a lottery…. lets hope your numbers are up soon….

Pick yourself up, dust off and put your best foot forward…. Lets get this application moving….

Buzz xxx

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