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This is the sadness of my life.
i HAVE GONE through so much as i HAVE had BOTH surgeries Lapband(Private) and RNY Bypass
I have NEVER CHEATED as I really believe I am in the last chance saloon.I have lost almost 10 stones and i AM 14months post op.I had a 4 month plateau which was really difficult to cope with as Im restricting my calories excersizing and (since my op) am making wise food choices for the first time in my life.
I have worked ALL OF MY LIFE and do not expect the NHS to fund surgeries and i UNDERSTAND THAT severe cutbacks have to be made and this surgery (if you dont have any mobility issues because of loose skin folds etc) is considered non essential,but I have just been put onto a 3 day week at work due to reccession and so now all my hopes are dashed as I definetely can not afford this surgery priveately.
I am very sad as i have so much loose skin my inner thighs and stomach and most embarrassinglt my pubic area has such a terrible overhang THAT I CAN NO Longer have an intimate relationship with my husband as the sheer mechanics make intercourse impossible.
So I am left in a mess I actualy look far worse naked than i DID BEFORE I lost all this weight.
I cant find clothes as the size i need for my tummy skin needs to be much bigger than my bum or legs need as they are so much smaller now
I have written to the PCT and was refused and now do not know where to turn.
Ihave tried so very hard to help myself but i FEEL SO UGLY and am so worriedi will lose my husband
Can you imagine going through all this and BOTH BARIATRIC surgeries to feel this bad about myself?
I need a total body lift but obvioiusly not until 24months post op as iM still losing weight
my inner thighs have become discoloured now as the skin hangs down so much.I have stopped swimming due to the comments and stares i GET IN a bathing suit-I do walk and work out for other excersize but i loved swimming so guess I feel very low
my self esteem is at an all time low
and I keep wondering
omg why did i DO THIS TO MYSELF?
Sorry but I am soooooo sad

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