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Re: NEWBIE starting the milk diet today!

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@Mands 27347 wrote:

Thank you both … i feel extremely lucky to have Shaw Somers as my surgeon as i spent the last couple of years watching him on the telly wishing he would perform surgery on me !! LOL

Mr Somers did want me to have the bypass but said as long as i can stick to the 8 golden rules of band surgery then im fine so i feel i can do that … the bypass scares me too much .. have spent alot of time today crying !! … i think i am learning that i do have some kind of emotional attachment to food and i feel like i am saying goodbye to an old friend but it has to be done.

I will more than likely be on this forum daily lol so i look forward to getting to know you all

Thanks again

Mands xxx

Hi Mands

Your post must have struck a chord with everyone on here because having weight loss surgery IS like a bereavement in a sense. In that you will be saying goodbye to your longest companion – rubbish food and bad habits.

However, food is NEVER our friend if it controls every aspect of our lives, makes us ill and contributes to low self esteem. How can it be your friend if it has done all those bad things to you? Think of it as breaking free: of being in control of what you eat for the first time in your life – for the REST of your life.

YOU will be in the driving seat. YOU will decide your fate and YOU will bring your body back to how you want it to be. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s ruddy hard work but my LIFE it is worth it. We are all here to help you. We will all cheer you on at every step and celebrate with you at every triumph.

Don’t be scared – be excited 😉

Doodah x

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