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Re: NEWBIE starting the milk diet today!

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@Mands 27336 wrote:

Hi all

I have joined this forum after searching up my surgeon Shaw Sumers and seeing all this info about him and about the bypass / band.

I am currently 10 stone overweight suffering with sleep apnea and the early stages of COPD which is hereditary through my mothers side of the family … i also have asthma and all the aches and pains you get with being overweight … i have been overweight for about 16 years since the birth of my youngest child … at my worst though i have been heavily overweight ie 20 stone for about 5 years.

It has taken me 4 years to get to this stage re surgery as i am getting it done through NHS due to having sleep apnea … i am not actually overweight enough to get the surgery done and i have gone through a programme called Life Morph for the last year which works in conjunction with the bariatric service that the NHS offer in Hampshire … hope this all makes sense lol.

Anyways …. today i have started the milk diet and its like OMG what am i to expect over the next 2 weeks … i have read on here that people get constipated etc … could someone please give me more info on how you feel when doing this diet … i worry about feeling sick and weak and stuff like that.

I am having gastric band surgery on the 5th feb … with Shaw Somers … again i also worry have i made the right choice on surgery … i was originally on the road to having bypass surgery however i changed my mind as i felt that i wouldnt cope with the aftermath of it and i have now opted for the band which i feel i will cope with i will just have to work harder to lose the weight.

Any comments or information would be very much welcomed guys … thank you for a forum like this being here as i am very nervous at the moment.

Mands xxx


Congratulations on securing Mr Somers as your surgeon, he did my bypass three and a half months ago and many people on this forum have underlying health problems its all part and parcel of our condition. I had my surgery at QA and well I have never liked ops or general anesthetises but I got to QA and I have never been so relaxed in hospital before. No high blood pressure off the scale. I too had followed Mr Somers on TV and it all seemed so natural as I had seen him operate so many times before on the television it just gave me so much confidence I couldn’t wait to get down to theatre and have it done and my anaesthetist was an absolute angel she chatted away to me before I went to sleep and she was still chatting to me when I woke up. To sum it up having had surgery six times before I can say this was the most enjoyable experience I have had (sounds strange but it is TRUE). The only difference is originally I wanted a band then decided on a bypass – the band appealed as I wanted less invasive surgery as at the time I was scared of the thought of a bypass, but I have no regrets having had a bypass and have lost over five stone and now I can have both knees replaced as my bmi is now below 29.

I wish you all the best and do not worry it will be the best thing you will have done there are plenty of others on here who will agree and back me up on this. I just wish I had done this sooner as I could not get nhs funding so had to self fund.

all the best Claire

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