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Reply To: Newbie – part 5

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@Kimberly 28292 wrote:

Thank you Doodah
I have been fretting about being fit for the anaesthetics more about having bored line server aortic stenosis .
But I know surgery will improve my heath my life .
Seeing Mr Sommers next week so finger , and toes crossed . Any helpful,advice appreciated
Love Kimberly x

My best advice to you would be to trust in the surgeon, the surgery, the team and yourself. You are all aiming for the same thing – a healthier, happier you.

Try not to dwell on what could go wrong but instead, focus on the positives. Also, do everything possible to make yourself healthier pre op.
Maybe START swimming a little, or gentle walking or even some sitting down exercises.
START to make lists – lots of them. Write down your goals so that you can tick them off one by one.
START your statistics: weight, measurements etc so that you have a frame of reference as you go through the various stages after surgery.
START a food diary so you will know when you feel the most vulnerable around food. Write a journal so that you will be able to see in black and white how much you are progressing.
START preparing to be a slim person

Finally, notice the word I have used the most – START. Don’t wait until you are on the pre-op diet (which is in my opinion is the actual day your new life begins!) but make a start now. It means that in your mind, you journey will already be well under way.

Hope this helps. If you wish to know absolutely anything else, please just shout.

Here are some useful links:

RETURN TO SLENDER COOKBOOK IS HERE | Carol (fab wls plate too)

Bariatrics megastore all things sugar free!

Cut Down to Size: Achieving success with weight loss surgery (Paperback) – Routledge psycholigal aspects of wls.

Happy reading and surfing Kimberly!

Doodah x

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