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@Kimberly 28250 wrote:

Hi I’m just so excited and happy and a bit emotional as I’ve just found out that I’ve been approved for gastric by pass .
Like most people here life been a struggle , and I realise that this is just the start of a different life for me ,
My heath has been real poor for the past 6 months with asthma being very naughty . I did see Mr Sommers who told me that my gastric reflux was probably making my asthma worse and think surgery might help . I’m just hoping that the anaesthetist will pass me fit as I have some difficulties with a valve in my heart .

Hi Kimberly and the very warmest of welcomes to you.

Isn’t it just the best feeling ever when you get the go ahead? It’s like all your birthdays at once – which in a sense it IS! Many of us see our surgery date as our new birthday as life starts all over again.

Don’t worry about being passed fit – Streamline Surgical have operated on some off the poorliest and heaviest people in the world. I know this to be true as I have met some of them! They are now all living the lives they wanted for many, many years. You know what? I’m one of them too. I was given 3-5 years to live if I didn’t have surgery. That was five years ago and here I am. I’m working again, I have been on a long haul flight and have the same life expectancy as everyone else now.

I have bad asthma too but the anaesthetist was marvellous. You are in the safest of hands I promise you.

I’m SO excited for you I honestly am. I always tell everyone that this is the best bit – getting approval. It’s the actual point at which you start your life over again but get a better one. It gives me chills to think about it every time.

Please keep us up to date so that we can share this journey with you. It’s a great one but it’s hard work – you will have many hands to hold on here 😉

Doodah x

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