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@Boo22 34572 wrote:

Hi Lelly
Thank you so much for your advice. You have done amazingly well.
I have watched so many videos and read articles and it certainly does not seem to be a walk in the park but i am determined to lose some weight and not to live the rest of my life feeling so self conscious and down about my weight. It’s hard for some to understand but you have to know what it’s like to feel this way in order to do that. I am seeing the dietitian tomorrow so will listen hard!
Congratulations on your success so far
Boo xx

Thank you Boo, it isn’t a walk in the park and people do assume that we have this op and pow, we are fixed. It isn’t quite like that and we do have to work at it and make life changes to ensure that we are eating the right foods. I eat far healthier now than I ever did but some days things just don’t want to go down. One thing I forgot to say is drink, drink and drink some more after your op, warm drinks go down much easier than cold. Oh and Jubbly’s those triangular frozen juice drinks help with fluid and go down lovely, still have one of those in the evening. Puree some meals before your op and freeze in little containers, I did cottage pie, fish in butter sauce with mash and carrots and stew. Pureeing a roast dinner is a good idea as well

Lelly xx

Lelly xx

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