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Re: Need your opinion and advice re post op

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Oh believe me it’s easy to gain weight with a bypass once you find out you can eat crap. I was so good for 6 months and didn’t let a single thing pass my lips but then the human nature of wondering kicked in and I tried this and that and then more of it and before I knew it, I could eat anything I wanted. I am I must admit rather gutted with myself and with all that I read about pre surgery because I didn’t come across anyone who didn’t dump or who could eat anything. I was the same with the band though – I could eat anything and everything.

To say you feel full is a strange one and I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this but it’s not really a full feeling for me. I kinda just know when to stop eating (for a few minutes lol). Getting food stuck (which happens about once every 3 months for me) is the worst. As I have a huge phobia of sick or being sick, I will try to let the blockage pass but I just know that it won’t (it has a totally different feeling than being full for me). Yet, I will lay there for a good hour in the hopes it will go and eventually I have to go and try to get rid of it. Trouble is, by then it’s so stuck that it’s a pain in the rectum to get it to come up again and often takes me 4 or 5 visits to the loo to shift it. If I just did it when it first got stuck I’m sure it wouldn’t be so dramatic. So, I don’t really help myself! Can’t say that there’s anything in particular that I find difficult – the last thing I got stuck was quite insignificant lol

Why do people gain weight? The same reason they gained weight in the first place – eating too many calories. Simple as that. Once you find you can get away with eating things then it’s a green light especially if you’re weak willed like me. I still roughly count calories just to keep myself in control because I’m sure I could kill off 4000 calories in a binge even now. I’m now 1 1/2 years post bypass btw but have been like this from about 8 months in. As I say, it’s gutting but it’s a wonderful tool at the same time and for me, the pre op soup, yogurt and pint of milk diet is my saviour and I have fallen back on it a couple of times now to get me back in line. Fortunately I love the diet and for me, it works and I guess I get to have my cake and eat it but just have to do a couple of weeks every so often to get shot of all the fat I’ve accumulated. Madness or what!!! However, the head Dr says it’s ok so that’s fine by me.

Sorry about the ramble but hope it helps.

Finally, would I do it again? Hell yes!!! Fab tool but it’s only a tool – it still needs the owner of the tool to be a little bit responsible.

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