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Re: Need your opinion and advice re post op

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How did you feel physically soon after the op I mean very soon ? A bit naff and sick but nothing one can’t live with.
How bad was the pain ? Did u need morphine at all or just paracetamol ? Not so much pain for me but the nausia was the worst and I don’t do sick or feeling sick so had a cocktail of anti sickness stuff. I can’t do morphine and so I think they gave me co-codamol which was fine.
What measure did u take to prevent any DVT? Did the hospital advise well for thrombosis prevention? I was sent home with the stockings and had to wear them till I was good and mobile – about 2 weeks I think.
Anyone had it done in L&D hospital NHS? How is the facility ….. do u think private
room hire would be a good idea ( no idea how expensive that is) No, I was done in UCL so can’t say – sorry.

Regarding post op holiday including flight ….. how soon would she be fit enough to

Re deficiency of vitamins/nutrients etc in long term ….. are you managing okay? I take a multi vit, calcium and fasttab antacid each day. I go up a stone, go back on the pre op yogurt, soup and milk diet and lose it again but it’s still a struggle to keep to size 12 but it works for me. I am one of the minority who seldome dumps, can eat everything and anything does find it hard. My advise – NEVER even try stuff with sugar and fat, just in case you find you can tollerate it. It’s a red rag – believe me!

Thank you in advance.

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