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Re: Need to Stock up cupboards!

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ruby tuesday

How annoying, typed long reply and accidently wiped it! Sigh! Yes splenda is ok, but it may seem too sweet as may the cereals and milk, and I couldn’t cope with Redy Brek or milk post op myself, but everyone is different. I had natural yoghurt and blended in my choice of fruit as I didn’t want any added sugar. Ready made meals are ok too, my dietican said I was too restrictive as I don’t eat them myself, but she said most people have a mix of them and home cooked. Shepards pie is on the list of mushy food allowed in the first few weeks as it is easy to digest, but you can puree whatever you are cooking for the family for tea, just avoid things like pastry as it is too high in calories. Lots of soups, Mr Summers recommended Covent Garden ones as most tinned are high sugar, or home-made like lentil soup, as it is good protein. I was ok with eggs, some people aren’t, but they are good protein, hummus or pate on melba toast for snacks, grated cheese on mashed potato, or on top of soup, fish if the boil in bag one in sauce, but for some people it is too chewey in other forms.

Good luck anyway, you have a great surgeon.

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