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Re: Need help with calorie intake

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Hi Lesley

No bum kicking here but plenty of hand holding!! Much nicer.

For one thing, I believe that winter is a bad time eating wise. I think we instinctively search out high calorie foods to get us through the dark days ahead. There is only own problem with this theory – we now all have heating and lights so its a load of old rubbish lol! I do think, however, that it makes us feel ‘sluggish’. I for one want hot chocolate and and loads of mash potato! The thing to do is only buy the healthy alternatives.

I’m really not sure about calories as I have never counted them. I honestly haven’t. I’m guessing that to maintain weight it must be the 2,000 that is bandied about on nutrition labels. I will check with our dietitian Nicole but I’m sure it’s not really something to fret over. I never have. I have concentrated more on nutrition. I believe health is paramount and weight follows suit naturally. Don’t forget, our surgeons always suggest you try to achieve a HEALTHY weight, not an ideal one.

Hope this helps. I have put a reminder on my phone to ask Nicole about calories tomorrow!

Doodah x

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