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Re: Need help with calorie intake

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Hi Doodah

Thank you so much for your last post, it is very reassuring to know that this is basically what I have been doing but lately, as I said before, I’ve put a few pounds on and have been feeling flabby, I thought I was doing it wrong, even after 2 years I’m still have times when I’m second guessing myself, silly I know !!! but it’s lovely to have it confirmed that I’m doing it right, phew that’s one less thing to worry about. Since I shared by concerns with everyone I feel back in control and better able to tackle my snacking, which has basically stopped since I last posted and guess what, yep the pounds are coming back off, (now there’s a surprise !!!!!!!!! lol). Isn’t it amazing what happens when we stop panicing, take a breath, calm down and believe in ourselves.

Thank you again for taking the time to look in to this for me, it really is very much appreciated.

Take care and keep up the good work Doodah there’s a lot of us who would be very lost without you.

Lots of love

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