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Re: Need help with calorie intake

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Hi Doodah
Thanks for your reply, it’s comforting to know that, I always think I’m doing things wrong, a throw back to my bigger days I suppose, but two years is a very short time to get over a lift time of self doubt, I am working on it though I promise.
Your reply about the calorie count has calmed me down a lot thank you. Also, since I posted this plea I have taken myself in hand. The diet his being tweaked, hubby wants to lose some weight as well so this is perfect time. I know winter is on it’s way and with Christmas and everything there is never going to be a good time so I’m a great believer is starting things when you want to, so that’s what I’m doing. I have a plan, would you believe, and you’ll have a good laugh at this, but I’ve always wanted my belly button pierced, ever since by daughter had her’s done but, because I’ve always had a crater where my belly button should be it’s been a no no, now, that crater is more like a slight dip, if I can get this extra weight off i’m getting it done for mothers day, I’ve got till march so wish me luck, that is my goal, yes some peopled do way I’m weird but in a good way !!!!!

Anyway, thanks for the help doodah, I’d be interested to know Nicole’s thoughts.
Big thank you.
Lots of love

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