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Re: Nearly six years out …..

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@vix 31709 wrote:

I just got jealous eyes this morning, came down stairs and the other half was looking at pictures of his ex on Facebook …. Don’t know what to say I’m not the most confident person in the world and it’s just knocked me for six… Even to the point I can’t even face brekkie this morning xxx

Do you know why he was looking at them? Is there a valid reason? Try not to jump to conclusions Vix. I’m trying to get tickets for Kate Bush on Friday morning when they go on release. They are for my husband and a female colleague. I don’t want to go and neither does her partner so it is the best result. It hasn’t entered my head for one moment to be put out or jealous. Try to think why your other half looking at pics of his ex has made you feel jealous. But whatever you do, don’t neglect yourself.

The new, confident you will emerge soon, so make sure she is fit and raring to go! Have you told him how you feel?

don’t answer any of this if you don’t want to. This is not a closed site. You can however, send private messages. Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen to us isn’t it?

Doodah x

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