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Re: Nearly six years out …..

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Not only is it mightily uncomfortable but constipation on that level makes me feel really unwell, generally. I once went a month. A month! I was in hospital for 6 months with terrible HG in pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum, the same as The Duchess of Cambridge had but about a million times worse) and literally didn’t eat the whole time. I was nourished via drips and lines so nothing was going through my system. however, I got SO constipated that they used enema suppositories. My life did they work! The relief was so wonderful.

The human body is a wonder. My children were both born premature (I had HG in both pregnancies) but were not tiny as I had lost 6 stone in each pregnancy. My body literally fed me and my babies on my body fat. My daughter weighed 6 lbs and my son almost 7! If I had been slim, they would not be here. And yes, I gained back the weight really quickly after giving birth both times 🙁

Anyway, as usual I have digressed. Please see your GP Vix. And would you tell us how you get on please. i’m beginning to get a bit worried for you as it’s a particular ‘thing’ of mine lol!

Doodah x

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