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Re: Nearly six years out …..

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@vix 31301 wrote:

Hi my name is Vicki, I’m nearly sis years out from surgery.

Last week I experienced horrid pains in my chest and had to go to A & E …. I knew I wasn’t having a heart attack and knew I had not eaten anything that had got stuck.

Today I have just been discharged from Hosptial and wanted to share this with everybody.

My Gp hasn’t been the best at post op help but I carry on seeing him … He advised me go back and see my original surgeon as the NHS would take to long… So I did 3 hour trip on Tuesday to see my consultant you advised me that I could one of three things that can give me cheat pains.

1) gall stones left after my gall bladder was removed a year after my bypass
2) ulcers or a hernia
3) A twisted bowel which can happen at any time.

So after a MRI scan in Friday morning and a camera down into my pouch followed by an operation on Friday afternoon … I have managed to have hockey stuck shaped limb that food has been going into and not passing throu hence giving me the chest pain my surgeon has also filled the gap so my bowels cAn not twist.

I may still have to go back in and have my pouch reduced but he said that is not as important as the limb the way it was.

So no matter what pains you get and where get them checked out as I have been a lucky lady this week ….

Hi Vix

Welcome to our friendly forum.

My goodness what a time of it you have had! I’m so glad you have received such prompt and thorough treatment. And thank goodness you followed your gut instinct (scuse the pun – not intended!) #wls is certainly not something to ever take lightly as it changes us forever. the weight loss saves many of our lives but it can also require huge nutritional changes, including the need for supplements for life. Having said all that, I would never consider a life without it. I simply would not have been here had I not had mine done so for me there was no other option.

Please keep in touch and keep us informed how things are going. It will be interesting for us all to follow your journey! Please don’t hesitate to tell us the negative stuff either – that way we can support you better as we will be more informed.

I’m so glad you have been so lucky 😉

Doodah x

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