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Re: Nearly six years out …..

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Hi before I start this I would like to stress I do take all of my vits every day and have done for for six years . I have almost all go the deficiencies that us gastric bypass peeps can have b12, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin d … Hence why I’m willing to try any thing to get all of my levels up …. It’s only these last few weeks that I have found out I don’t eat or have enough protein every day I was only having on a good day 30- 32 percent …. I have had so much done to my body in the last few years I have has three tummy tucks … A breast lift and then later on breast implants … A bum and thigh lift and the final one was the lose skin from my arms …. I want to be and to have more energy to enjoy this body I have been given, I had to pack up work 2 years ago as I didn’t have enough energy to see me through the day in an office job, I know I have rambled on a bit. I’m not moaning, I’m not unhappy with what I have had done, I would do it again in a heart beat. I’m just blessed with a good partner that understands things and my children that helped me so much before i met John. The support from this group that keeps me sane.


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