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Re: nearly 3 wks post bypass

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Rubes rubes rubes,
The lull around this time is pretty common I promise you, considering all of the medications from the anestetic are wearing off, your eating habbits have changed and your body it in quite a lot of confusion not knowing whats comming is when for a short period weigh loss tends to stall.
We tend to worry are we doing too much, not enough or something wrong, honestly huney its pretty common.

I do expect water intake will be more than of late and as the body gets used to the rules and not old habbits it will have to comply.
Please dont threat at the scales. They do nothing but hurt you mental well being and it takes weeks to really see the results of any efforts, most of the initial weight loss we have is still the effects of the pre op diet.
What your doing now will show in two to three weeks…. see if Im not wrong…
The only way your guaranteed weightloss every day is through water and dehydrating…. we are mostly water, I gained 8lbs in hospital during the few days recovering…. (fact)

You have heard it and seen it on the forum, heard it at the groups so dont ( as much as you want to) despaire yet, your simmering thats all…

Things will move again, things will progress natuarally, the body is quite resiliant initially then occasioanlly kicks back a little.

So from me, PLEASE hide the scales for a month, concentrate on what needs to happen, dont give yourself added pressure of thinking your ever be a failure, you wont be….

As for sharing, were here for you, we changed a little last night in the who I am bit where we concentrated on individuals needs, after the introductions we asked anyone with advice should try to talk with those with issues, were all go through them some time or another, so what goes around comes around… and we will all be so much wiser…

Chin up little dumpling. whats happening now happens, its just a mental hurdle, find yourself, ( you will soon ) share with us… and be kind to yourself ok…

Love you to bits you just know it….. fear not…. simmer for a bit, long term your going to achieve the miracles you dreamed and so much more…. you will….

Otherwise…. to counteract the slow weight loss. measure inches. Its commonly known when were not losing weight were losing inches….

Buzz xx

Re submitted after publishing to FB, appologies if this has caused any concern, trying to recitfy…..

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