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Re: nearly 3 wks post bypass

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Hi Ruby

I concur with everything that Doodah, Buzz and all the other comments on this site, 4 week on your still recovering, give yourself time. I was the same at that stage, lots of energy to begin with but that gradually ran out and had to be replenished. I just had to learn to adapt, your taking in a lot less food than your body is used to and it’s rebelling a bit, as Buzz said it will get used to it but that will take time, don’t push yourself to hard to quickly, let yourself heal, inside and out, and gradually work up to the exercise, it took me about six weeks before I could get back on my treadmill, and I love my treadmill but once back on there was no holding me back, so you have a few lazy days, walk a little but don’t panic, treat yourself with whole load of TLC.

As for the concentration levels, join the club. It took me ages before I could sit at the computer and go onto the forum properly check e-mail etc, I’d dip in here and there, but I couldn’t focus on anything for any length of time. I’m now just passed the six month mark since my bypass and I still have good and bad days, more good than bad but I just have to pace myself.

Chin up Ruby, it will come good honest, and get the family to hide those scales, the worst thing you can do is start to get obsessive about weighing yourself constantly, honest it’s a nice surprise when you go for your six week post op and it’s the first time you see your weight loss, and it will be a weight loss.

Anyway I’ve rambled on for long enough, drink lots of water for the constipation and put yourself first for a while, you deserve it.

Take care hunnybun.


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