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Re: Nealy 4 years out…..

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@solucky 31186 wrote:

Just thought I’d pop on site to read all the news, I used to contribute and seek support after my op and pretty much up until I had my op.. I’m nearly 4 years out now from having a gastric bypass and I’m eternally happy to Shaw Summers and his team for changing my life round. It’s not always been easy on this journey, as the first few months up to a year we lose all that horrible weight, and we tell ourselves continually that nothing or no-one is going to get in the way. However, danger as always lurks round the corner and it’s then you have to be strong and fully realise that your bypass it a tool to help you manage. You will undoubtedly be presented with temptation, “that little bit of chocolate or that little snack” wont really do any harm…..WRONG! Not many of us are born with the strong resolve required to say NO, hence the reason we end up having surgery in the first place. Unless you have tremendous resolve, which is quite hard when you’re at your lowest ever weight and looking fabulous in your small clothes with compliments every day. It’s at that point you think that little glass of wine with crisps/nuts or whatever your fancy wont really hurt, however, that will be when you are most vulnerable. I lost 6 stone in the first year and got shot of all my size 18 – 24 clothes, I’ve gained around a stone and a half through introducing wrong foods but I can work with my bypass and believe it or not I still have dumping sessions, had one on Wednesday after eating a chicken sandwich, a pack of crisps and a latte. Friends that have had the same surgery vary, one never has dumping sessions and the other does with different foods to my experience.

I love my life and the fact that I can wear nice clothes, but most of all not having to ask for an extension belt on the aeroplane. So keep with it everyone and enjoy your life journey. I hope this helps, as there never really seemed to be people that jumped on the site to let us know what life is like few years down the line.

Good luck everyone xx

Hello my lovely!

Thank you SO MUCH for checking in and giving us all your wonderfully frank and insightful update.

‘Bounce back’ or weight gain is very common as our bodies settle in at a new weight. It may be up from our lowest ever weight but most of us never gain back everything we have lost so we are still in a winning situation! You are absolutely right that danger lurks around every corner food-wise. The trick is to anticipate it and form a plan to resolve it! ‘normal’ people do this by eating less the following day if they have indulged the one before – it is what I do but I’m not saying I’m normal in any way shape or form lol! I had cake yesterday as a treat with my daughter so today will be ‘strict’ as in my three meals and nothing else.

I’m so glad that you are loving your new life. I’m 5.5 years out and I still consider it my ‘new’ life. It’s not always easier but it is ALWAYS worth it.

Doodah x

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