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Re: Nealy 4 years out…..

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@Kimberly 31283 wrote:

Wow get you two this is amazing , do you think your both love sporty things still , Do you like to watch sport? . Would you still like to do some thing like that again or different sport like archery , fencing .. It’s just that this WLS has open up new experiences that I never considered before but I can now .

I did fencing as a youngster as part of my singing training (Opera) as it build upper body strength and improves posture. I loved it. My daughter took up archery as an adult and got very good at it. She just chose to do it out of the blue and the instructor couldn’t believe she had never done it before! Just goes to prove that there could be umpteen things we might be good at but we will never know because we don’t try!

I used to love ice skating but wouldn’t dream of doing anything in such a cold atmosphere now! I used to play for a pub darts team – now THAT is something I could get into again – especially since they banned smoking in pubs! It is so sociable and great fun. I still have a dartboard up in the garage so maybe I ought to dust it down and start practising again?

That’s the beauty of wls, we can now consider virtually anything we want to do, and give it a go. Who knows – one of us might be the next swimming/running/cycling/cricket/golf champion of our town!!? How cool would that be?

Doodah x

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