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Re: My WLS

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Hi Sue,
Abit of a daze is not the word for it, it has been such a rollar coaster of emotions that suddenly to be presented with a date a week ago last Friday was to much for me and after a weekend of being very quiet and thoughtful it all came out last Monday and I finially lost it, was all for cancelling op, so many self doubts, would I cope with after the op etc. but the other half sat me down and talked to me and I went to bed in floods of tears but woke the next morning more positive than I had ever been and strange as it may sound just can’t wait to start the milk diet and know at the end of that that the old Elaine will have gone and a new one will be arriving. Have you read Ms Ellie’s blog, if you havn’t then you must, I can relate to everything she says and I just hope I get the same results.
Elaine xx

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