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Re: My WLS

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Just to update – I went to Harrow Clinic yesterday, we managed to get lost but still ended up being 40 minutes early! The clinic staff are lovely. After seeing the doctor and dietician I got to meet the lovely Guy Slater and so typical of being under pressure forgot to ask a few questions such as do I need to stop taking my medication before my op and if so at what point? The doctor was saying that medication in capsules were a problem but I forgot to ask what I should do about it, I take a slow release tablet everyday which is in a capsule…I thought I would talk to my GP but not sure what to say to him about it.

Anyhoo…. as some of you are already aware I am more than ready for the op so before leaving the clinic I booked my surgery for 15 March with Guy Slater and then panicked when I got home and realised that I only have a week plus a few days before I will need to start the milk diet lol, I think Una said that I will be called for pre-op assessment about three weeks before (which is next week!).
I was dreading telling work but went in and just told them, I didn’t even mention that I could have gone in April or later and so it’s all sorted. Just two weeks at work to do as I also told them I wanted the week before off as annual leave…..Done and dusted! Well nearly lol

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