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Re: My progress

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@Deifersmum 21114 wrote:

Hi Lucky

Well done, you’re doing so well, keep up the good work. You’d get on ton the fast eating, it’s still early days for you and it will get better, just give it time.

Right there with you on the tights thing, I used to love wearing dresses and skirts before I put the weight on then it was trousers as doodah said, gettiing them to fit was a nightmare but, here I am, with a wardrobe of more dresses and skirts than trousers, (only 2 pairs now) and loving every minute of it, even got a pair of fancy patterned tights now I’ve found my legs again (he he !!!)

Hang in there Lucky, it just gets so much better from now on, it’s all down hill.

Lots of love

Me too Lesley. Black tights with silver spots on Woo Hoo!!!

Lucky, that really made me laugh ‘Four stone off your face’ haha! I probably have lost almost that off my face seeing that I started at 26+ stone! WLS changes absolutely everything doesn’t it? They say that lucky people make thier own luck and I honestly believe there is a huge element of truth in that. We feel luck, therefore, we act lucky which other people see and feel. It makes us look and seem positive/lucky. Employers love that and so do new people we come across. It’s almost like it’s contagious!! I’m so happy for you. Well done on your hard work. xxx

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