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Re: my op got cancelled 45 mins before i was due in today :-(

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I can only reiterate what the other lovely people here have said, Kirsti. unfortunately, the NHS is stretched to the absolute limit at the moment and emergencies take priority. That doesn’t make it any easier for you to accept though!

Kim is right, you have every right to shout ‘it’s not fair’ – because it isn’t! I am a firm believer in fate. My surgery was turned down twice before I was accepted. In the ward when I finally had my wls, was one of the most inspiring and lovely women it has ever been my privilege to know. We have remained close friends ever since. I also went on to meet friends of another person who was in the ward. One of them is my dearest friend for life too. We are so close that she took a day off work to come along to the first South Coast support Group! We meet up regularly despite her living over 100 miles away.

If i had gone ahead with my surgery after the first application, I never would have met all the lovely people I now consider friends. I know that probably doesn’t help how you are feeling right now but fate often deals us the hand we need – not always the one we want 😉

Please keep in touch. You need our support more than ever now and we are more than willing to provide it <3

Doodah x

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