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Re: my op got cancelled 45 mins before i was due in today :-(

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@Kimberly 30636 wrote:

Loving this new tool but I can not just rely on it alone , I have to eat healthy , take supplements every day , chew slowly ( really difficult habit to learn ) but if I don’t then up it comes and it’s not a nice feeling . Now it the exercise . I don’t want to , but I have here’d that some people after surgery like exercise ! . Last time I had thirty minute with a personal trainer on Wednesday , I got light headed twice thought I would faint and needed to rest . Apparently that normal ! I didn’t know that . This is a whole new world to me so it’s off to the gym and getting these muscle moving .

Oh Kim, I was the same. Honestly thought I was going to puke right there on the gym floor! I could only use the hand bicycle and the recumbent bike as my heart was so massive and my blood pressure so high. Not to mention that I was over 26st! I did ten minutes at a time, then changed equipment. I repeated this over an hour. When I eventually tried to get off the plinth, my legs were like jelly and I had to hang on to the bike for dear life to stop myself from falling!

Two things I didn’t do – give up or go mad. I just upped everything by one minute each week. I never did more than an hour of exercise in any one session. It worked! I would reward myself for not passing out or puking with a nice swim. Or just bobbing about in the jacuzzi. I didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought and to be fair 99% of people were SO supportive that it was very uplifting and encouraging. Like the old saying goes: No matter how slow you are, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

You will learn to love and enjoy exercise but it must be done slowly and carefully. If your body is really hurting, you are not doing it any favours and it will give up. If it complains a bit, tell it to shut up and get on with it 😉

Doodah x

ps I’m not a professional! that’s just what I did!

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