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Re: My Milk Date starting 3rd April 2012 for 2 Weeks!

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@Bluebutterflier 22631 wrote:

Hi Sarah

Good to see someone else actually ON the milk diet right now….whens your surgery then? im down for the 17th April 2012.

And what hospital are you under? I’m under St.Richards Hospital at Chichester.

So far the milk isn’t too bad as I have the crusha milkshake mix…..its pretty nice actually. I done the spoon of marmite and it wasnt as nice as I expected, so I may try the OXO in hot water….

Today ive battled my head more than my stomach…I mean i’ve been sick before or had days where i havent eaten, but because IM NOT ALLOWED TOO…its making me want too more…:(

Any chance I can add you as a friend, seeing as we are both on the same path at the same time?


I’m scheduled for the 10th in Harrow at the Clementine Churchill, and I’m very excited now!! The first day on the milk diet is the hardest, you’ll be fine after that, just keep thinking of the end results. It helped me to stick to it by knowing that if I didn’t the consultant will know and not operate if my liver hasn’t shrunk – simple as really!

I’m lucky though, I love my teaspoon of marmite everyday 🙂

Keep in touch and shout if you’re struggling xx

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