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Re: My Milk Date starting 3rd April 2012 for 2 Weeks!

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Somewhat nervous that I wont get everything sorted lol….Not nervous about the surgery…Well not yet….

Off to a campsite near the hospital tonight, as we have a small motorhome….so that I dont have to get up at a ridiculous time to drive the hour and half to the hospital to be there for 7.30am….We will be 3 miles away, and a cabs under a fiver….So I’ve cut that stress down. Plus my partner will stay for the extra night alone in the motorhome, so hes nearby.

Need to pack….need to sort bag out, what im taking, do some bedding for motorhome…shower, shave me legs lol….

Its the last day of the milk diet, and ive just ran out of poxy crusha milkshake mix….So may have to pop to the shop for another one.

Worried about my piercings….as the nurse said to take them all out, the surgeon said to leave them in barring the tongue one. the other consultant said put the plastic ones in….So ive been told all differently!

We are heading off to Chichester campsite at about 6pm….enough time to park, put the electric cable in, watch a film on my laptop, and perhaps if im nervous take a walk round the lake….

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