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Re: My Journey starts here!

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Thanks everyone, I am really pleased, when I see a reflection I think, surely that can’t be me! Still a long way to go, but its good because people are now commenting and noticing …. at last!! When hubby cuddles me he can put his arms right round me now and that feels great! I am really looking forward to the T Party and meeting everyone, not got a clue what to wear as I am so reluctant to buy clothes! At this rate I WILL be going as Minnie Mouse!! …. I can’t beleive how much things have got easier over the last 2 weeks with eating, I can eat practically anything now. However I do feel a little nauseas after chinese, so will be avoiding that for a little while. However I am all ok when it comes to Indian which is my favourite!! So all is pretty good now, and everythings looking pretty rosy all round.
love to everyone … see you all on Saturday xxx xxx

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